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Online Real Money Poker with Voice Technology To Launch Soon

Online Real Money Poker with Voice Technology To Launch Soon 0001

A UK stock market listed company, Bits Corp plc, has announced that it will imminently launch a real money online poker room that will include virtual reality 3D and Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology. The room, due for launch “this summer” will trade under the name “PokerWize” and will benefit from technology which, as the company phrases it, “…uses state-of-the-art video gaming technology to add a whole new dimension to the world of interactive gaming.”

Ahead of this development in online gaming presentation, Bits Corp has launched a website, where, again in the words of the company, “visitors can learn more about the game and register for advance information.”

SoccerAM presenter and runner up player at the 2005 Ladbrokes Poker Million, Helen Chamberlain, has been signed up by the company to provide a 3D visual likeness and voice-over for the interactive poker tutorial that can be found on the website The effect is to provide a virtual reality one-on-one tutorial.

Bits Corp’s roots are in the gaming industry (as distinct from the “gambling” industry) but the boundaries are now beginning to merge as technologies improve. Bits Corp demonstrates this with its concluding comments in its official statement to the Stock Exchange:

“…Today's news follows the Company's 15 June statement where it stated that the Board expects to focus on the online entertainment industry in the immediate future, whilst continuing to pursue opportunities in the design and development of console video games for niche markets. The Board also announced that it was seeking shareholder approval at an EGM on 11 July 2006 to change the its name from Bits Corp plc to Playwize Plc, and that it believes that its new business activities will be beneficial to shareholders in the long term.

“CEO, Foo Katan, commented: 'The Board is extremely pleased to be working with Helen Chamberlain for our unique interactive tutorial, which we are confident will help most users to become better poker players. We are excited about the Pokerwize concept and believe it will prove a strong beginning for the Playwize portfolio of products.'…”

UK Poker News is particularly intrigued to see whether the technologies will eventually enable online players to talk to each other during games. The time cannot be far away, but will this reduce the “chat box abuse”? We live in interesting times.

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