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Korik and Botond in Sync

Balazs Botond and Zachary Korik seem to like to play hands at the same time when we're walking between their tables. Korik was busy playing, and defeating, Matthias De Meulder out of position.

Bully the Bullies

Zachary Korik, Balazs Botond and Mathew Frankland are players that like to bully players off hands. We just witnessed all three on he receiving of that sort of treatment all at the same time on three adjacent tables.

Botond Busts

Balasz Botond was all in and at risk for his tournament life on a flop of holding . Manuel Cortada Dominguez called with two black aces, and held as the turn and river came , respectively.

Balazs Botond Eliminated in 7th Place ($83,802)

Balazs Botond open-shoved all in preflop and John Nelson shoved over the top from the small blind. Henry Lu folded his big blind and the hands were tabled. Nelson: Botond: The board ran and Nelson's nines held.

Botond Snags a Double From Behind

Balazs Botond open shoved his stack of 240,000 and received a call from James Mackey in the big blind. When Botond tabled his , he was behind and in need of help against Mackey's .

Botond Celebrates Too Early as Hovan Doubles

When Balazs Botond opened the pot to 65,000, Hovan Nguyen would shove all in for 225,000 directly on his left. Botond made a fairly quick call and the two players tabled their hands.

First Hand on Stage

We had barely gotten settled in our perch at the ESPN Feature Table when Balazs Botond and Neil Channing got in a huge hand. We missed the action but the board was and there was a huge pot already built.

Marshall Comes From Behind to Double

We had a preflop all in and a call between Balazs Botond and Cary Marshall. Botond: Marshall: The board ran and Marshall doubled up.

Daniel Zeihen Eliminated in 17th Place ($23,372)

Daniel Zeihen opened and Balazs Botond raised enough to put Zeihen all in. Zeihen called and the hands were tabled. Botond: Zeihen: The board ran and Zeihen was eliminated.

Five to a Flop

Zach Clark opened for 41,000 and was called by James Mackey, Neil Channing, Daniel Zeihen on the button and Balazs Botond in the big blind. The five players saw a flop. All five players checked to the turn.

Andres Sanchez Eliminated in 20th Place ($18,735)

Andres Sanchez opened on the button and Balazs Botond raised to 85,000 from teh big blind. Sanchez moved all in and Botond called. Sanchez: Botond: The board ran and Sanchez was eliminated.

Turker and Botond Square Off Preflop

Sadan Turker opened for 6,500 and Balazs Botond made it 15,00 to go from the cutoff. Turker put out 39,000 to re-raise and Bontond five-bet to 67,500 and Turker laid his hand after a few moments.

Botond Hitting a Groove

Balazs Botond was in a hand with another player and had built a 30,000 plus pot by the turn. The board showed and Botond bet 21,500. After a few moments his opponent folded and Botond is within shouting distance of 300,000.

Balazs Botond Eliminated in 4th Place (€157,000)

Balazs Botond opened to 200,000 from the button and was called by Olivier Busquet and Jannick Wrang in the blinds to see a flop, it was checked to Botond who bet 325,000. Busquet quickly folded but Wrang check-raised to 850,000.

Busquet Finds Kings, Doubles Again!

Olivier Busquet is back in this tournament after doubling up yet again thanks to a cooler hand against Jannick Wrang.

Busquet Doubles Up Again

Straight off the bat, Balazs Botond moved all in from the small blind and Olivier Busquet called all in for less.

Wrang Five-Bet Folds!

Wow, what a hand! We have just see a real stack swinging contest between Jannick Wrang and Balazs Botond. Botond held the button and he opened to 165,000, Olivier Busquet folded his small blind but Wrang three-bet to 405,000.

Botond Fires Three Barrels

Fabrice Soulier has been reduced to 2,300,000 chips after a clash with the Hungarian pro Balazs Botond. It was Botond who got the betting underway with a raise to 165,000 from under the gun.

Busquet Back Up

On a board Olivier Busquet fired out a bet of 150,000 only for Balazs Botond to check-raise to 365,000. Busquet thought for about a minute and moved all in and Botond folded instantly, the American is not going down without a fight here.

Busquet Slipping

Olivier Busquet raised to 120,000 from UTG and Balazs Botond made the call to see an flop. Botond check called a 125,000 bet from the American to see a on the turn.